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Joe Movers specialize in organized Medical Offices & Hospital Color Coded filing systems.

Medical Record Relocation Performing a medical records transition requires attention to three very important criteria; maintaining the file sequence integrity, providing and maintaining confidentiality of the records, and providing for availability of any file in case of an emergency need. Joe Movers will plan any relocation to the level of detail keeping these critical elements at the forefront.

Our proven processes and experience in this area will be evident at all levels of interaction with our skilled work force and project management. Trained moving personnel understand the need to maintain confidentiality from file room to truck to file room.

Medical filings system project management can include development of a relocation plan to include interfile of separate systems for sequence integrity.

All the moving personnel are aware of and capable of locating a particular file within minutes in case of emergency.

All of these elements are standard considerations when relocating your business critical documents. Our experience eliminates the risk.

Medical Filing Moving Services - Joe Movers

Medical Coding is an important healthcare profession and is one of the few that does not require direct contact with patients. Coders may specialize by department or by disease depending on the type of employer. Coders will check medical charts for accuracy and completion, verify signatures, verify medical data in computers, clarify information or diagnosis by communicating with the provider, and assign the appropriate diagnosis and procedural codes. These codes are used for insurance and billing purposes.
Joe Medical equipment transport and Movers refers to moving of medical equipment of hospitals, medical offices, doctors offices, clinics, research rooms etc. from one place to another The reasons for Joe Medical equipment transport and Movers can differ which may include office moving of a doctor or the change of location of an entire hospital or a clinic. Sometimes certain research

equipment need to be moved from research office to field or vice versa. Whatever may be the reason for moving medical equipment, it is quite obvious that Joe Medical equipment transport and Movers requires specialized moving and logistics services because unlike household goods and other office/commercial goods, scientific instruments and other medical equipment are sensitive as well as high-value commodities.

Significance of Joe Medical equipment transport and Movers

Like the advanced medical technology, the medical equipment are also complex. As such, they require experienced handling, trained personnel and specialized moving equipment for smoothly transporting the medical equipment. Most of the moving companies who undertake Joe Medical equipment transport and Movers, train their personnel for proper handling of such equipment during the move. Not only does Joe Medical equipment transport and Movers requires reliable, time bound transit and damage-free delivery but also continuous and proactive communication with the medical people who need to move such equipment. Apart from this, due to the sensitive nature of many medical equipment, the trailers and other moving vehicles carrying them need to be climate controlled.

Medical Equipments Commonly Moved

Medical Equipment Moving

Most of the medical equipment movers dealing with Joe Medical equipment transport and Movers, are capable of moving the following medical equipment and medical furniture as well.

  • Diagnostic imaging equipment such as X-Ray, CT, MRI and PET systems.
  • Lab instruments like automated sample handling systems, centrifuges and other analytical devices.
  • Medical furniture and medical fixtures such as hospital beds, specialized medical storage cabinets, medical dispensing machines etc.
  • Other types of medical and scientific apparatus that require specialized transportation and handling such as catheterization cath labs and radiology rad room equipment, ultrasound machines, mammography / mammogram systems, fluroscopy equipment, nuclear medicine equipment, high-value computer systems, machine tools, and a wide-range of sensitive electronic equipment.

Specialized Moving Equipment Needed for Medical equipment transport

Most of the medical equipment need specialized packing, labeling, loading, handling and unloading. Moving boxes, crates, pad-wrapping, and moving pallets, all are used for specialized packing of medical equipment in order to transport them safely. Some of the specialized moving equipment needed for Joe Medical equipment transport and Movers include

  • Full air-ride tractors and trailers
  • Climate-controlled vans
  • High-cube trailers
  • Heavy weight hydraulic liftgates with high-lift option and remote control
  • Winches
  • Roll-A-Lifts
  • Rubber-wheeled dollies
  • Crane Trailers
  • Good supply of pads for pad wrapping sensitive equipment

Electronic Equipment Moving
Some medical equipment movers even provide LTL facility, or ‘Less than Truckload’ for Joe Medical equipment transport and Movers.

Moving a medical office takes proper planning and partnering with a moving company that has the right experience, equipment, and staff to execute your move.  Joe Movers has specially trained crews to handle your medical office moving needs.  Our crews are properly trained in:

Joe Movers also understands the importance of having your practice up and running as quickly as possible.  We have specially designed equipment that minimizes the time it takes to pack and prepare your office for proper moving.  With our rolling carts we can safely relocate your patient files without the need of boxing.  This allows your medical office to continue seeing patients right up to your move date.  We can also disassemble, relocate, and reassemble many different types of file storage systems.

  • Packing Sensitive Medical Equipment
  • Handling X-Ray, Dental, and other Specialty Equipment
  • Medical Record Storage
  • Computer/ Phone System Disconnect and Reconnect
  • Medical Furniture Moving

We maintain a fleet of trucks to handle your medical office moving needs.  Our trucks have air ride suspensions, lift gates, and our equipped with all the necessary equipment to safely move your sensitive medical equipment, computers, and office furniture.

If you are planning a medical or dental office relocation call Joe Movers and let our experienced staff assist you in planning your next move.